Real photo is the Best

Most users decide their preferences visually. We hope to present your brand authentically and uniquely.

Supports still photography, including indoor studio product photos, outdoor landscape photos, and portrait photos.

Ask us in advance~ You may have the opportunity to receive free photography benefits.(The additional photography services we provide are only for website production customers to improve the authenticity and professionalism of the industry. Therefore, it is not art photography, but fast, functional and universal.)

Photography is a digital asset

Because Maya has been established for many years, photography has continued to evolve and innovate, and we have found that for any brand, professional photos are very convincing and the most widely used. In terms of individual services and industries, we also support you to shoot on your own. You can ask us for specifications, image quality and shooting suggestions, and we will explain them carefully.

【Condition】 Project Fee Free photography
> 5,000 USD
> 7,000 USD
? HR
> 9,000 USD
? HR

Our complimentary photography service includes planning in advance the scenery and objects that should be photographed. Photographer will quickly take photos, select pictures for you, and make post-production adjustments to the photos used on the official website.

Product photography:
At present, most photography is done in Taiwan. Customers send products/samples to our company for photography. Please bear your own shipping costs. If you need to send the product back, please inform us in advance. We will videotape the unpacking process to ensure that each product is present. If there is no need to send the product back, the product will be temporarily stored in the company and you can pick it up on a different day.

Out for photography:
Outbound photography services require knowing your business in advance and having your company coordinate the photography affairs and schedule. We are all based on supporting customers to upgrade their own image, so the cost is cheaper and faster than that of ordinary photography companies.