Trustworthy and Grow stronger

You will need to demonstrate basic web programming skills (based on your major), present an online portfolio, and pass the second stage interview test. Please refer to the information below.


Quota : 1~2
Front-end web designers are experts, teamworkers, good at creating and not afraid of failure. Because there are so many applicants and competition is fierce, we present tips for recruition.

Full salary(Agreement between the parties.) 、 Labor health insurance included 、 No need to work overtime.


Technical communication 60%
Excellent Portfolio 40%
Proactive problem-solving Bonus
End-to-End project execution Bonus
Continued excellence Bonus
Other talents Bonus
Experience > 2.5 years


Quota : 0~2
This is especially for people with less than 2.5 years of web design experience.

Full salary(Agreement between the parties.) 、 Labor health insurance included 、 No need to work overtime.

Curiosity, design aesthetics, basic skills and attitudes are the minimum requirements. As an assistant, you will face many challenges and learn a lot of professional skills and knowledge. Minimum requirements: a relevant professional degree or graduation from basic technical training. We will observe whether you are suitable for this position and provide you with many challenges and opportunities to explore upwards.

What kind of response will I receive during the 1ST STAGE?
If there are technical problems resulting in missing images and text, we will ask you to send it again. If you are qualified, we will invite you to participate in the second stage interview. If you are unsuccessful, we will also give you some suggestions for improvement, and you are welcome to provide supplementary documents.

Can I submit at another time?
Yes, this call will open at least one job opening, so it is safer to apply for a position during our call period. All colleagues will see if you are suitable to join us.

Online View:
In addition to attaching 'PORTFOLIO' files via email, you also can present them online : FigmaSLIDESHARE...
And share the link with us. This will be better for us to see your presentation skills at the same time!

Basic Coding Skills:
Designers design and code at the same time, and having coding skills is definitely an advantage. ” If you want to be a web designer who also codes, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are all great options, plus learn a CSS preprocessor like Sass or LESS, and learn how to use jQuery.