How We Work

Every website production project has its corporate culture background, story, history and characteristics. Relative products, services and core technologies are also different.

We have to take the time to understand the industry our customers belong to, and only after we understand it can our customers' customers understand it.

The team focuses on the production of customized projects. We hope that this will be a detailed and warm design result. The details you provide are closely related to our results. Please note us in your calendar in advance.

Are you interested?

- Will the Digital Age of Discovery (20th) be followed by the Colonial Age (21th)?


Brand in real nature

  • In the past 24 years, we have traveled all over the country, from the city to the countryside, from the commercial building to the orchard on the mountain, from the production line with many machinery in the factory area to the small store in the alley. Every encounter with customers brings us a very shocking knowledge and learning beyond the field.

    When we put on the full-face dustproof clothing and walked into the fab, we saw these high-tech production processes and wore the rain boots and sleeves prepared by our customers, and walked into the pineapple orchard production area.
    Only then did we know the meaning of the phrase "Wow! ~ So that's how it is." It is really as the old saying goes
    "Ten thousand scrolls are no better than ten thousand miles."

More perspective to discover

  • Customers often say to us: I don't understand the Internet, I don't understand design. In fact, why don't we also know nothing about your industry?
    Because of this, it has become so important to observe and learn from each other, and then to learn from each other and make progress together.

    A few years ago, we were responsible for the construction of a villa project in the south. We were received by the site manager and the construction site director. It happened that the construction site was about to carry out the first phase of grouting work that day.
    We asked to be able to enter the site to observe the construction status, during which we asked many questions.
    I asked what kind of foundation structure building materials to use, how many centimeters the thickness of the outsole grouting, how long it takes to remove the formwork after grouting, how to backfill the earthwork, and even asked why the three-story villa also uses a raft foundation?
    The site director was surprised how we knew it was a raft foundation. We even asked about the waterproofing of the floor.

    In fact, these questions are not asked out of our unilateral curiosity, but from the standpoint of consumers.

    Because the users of the final product will definitely want to know what they bought and why it is worth buying? This means that we must act as a bridge between customers and consumers.

Bold and Clever

  • Small enterprises, experimental clubs and NGO, etc., many people think that as long as there is a website, it can be beneficial, and it can be set up casually. We believe that standing out requires strategy. The professional team deconstructs the real details of web design for you, allowing you to understand how we implement and guide while learning, and you can slowly establish a tacit understanding with us.

Works of Integrity

Brand data and rights

  • Web design is no longer limited to information and logical calculations, but a creative industry of interaction and empathy. The thinking process that puts ideas into practice is full of our sincerity and professionalism. The entire source code of the webpage will be provided to the customer, and it is designed as a buyout rather than a rental type, and the details are specified in the contract. That is to say, there will be no reins to lock you in, and you get your Maxima all to yourself. We will be your stop for rest and upgrade.

Mutual Giving , Empathy

  • Designers must be empathetic, willing to listen, patient, and responsible.
    A few years ago, a young and emerging designer asked me: Why is there no charge for modifying web pages on old client websites?
    that's right! It stands to reason that it can be charged, but why not? The answer is actually very simple - "empathy".
    Our work of integrity is your work of integrity. Every once in a while, customers will come back to discuss new ways of interaction and how to attract more customers. Disciplines and academics, experiments and concepts, technology and art, empathy also exists in the natural world, so the world is ever-changing.


  • Everything, digital and objects, are light and shadow projections to your senses, which image future decision-making, cooperation, and life. The impact on human culture far exceeds the scope of UI/UX, so we hope that our customers have a clear Everyone has the power to contribute to the world regardless of status or budget. ESG, CSR, SDGs, Fair Trade...find the comfort zone of the future with a courageous spirit to try.


  • This year, we have accompanied our customers for the 24th year, and we will continue to work hard in the future. No matter how the trend changes, no matter how the technology is refurbished.
    What will never change is the honesty, trust and help between people. We've stuck to it and it won't change.


Solid innovation, continuous progress.

  • It is in such an environment of seeking progress that Maya has gone through the days of progressing with technology and growing up with customers. Although things in the past have changed over time, the desire to help customers build a good website will not change. When we complete the client's website, after a period of time, the search rankings are also on the top! It should be our happiest thing that the client's business is booming.


1990 - The World Wide Web had not yet emerged.

1990 - The world's first URL and website were born.

1996 - The predecessor of Maya was an independent studio hidden in a large room of 2 square meters. Mainly focusing on advertising creative design and curation.

1999 - Bought an office on the second floor of the current location.

2000 - A limited company has been officially registered and established to this day.